About The living treasure

The living treasure is a registered non-profit, non-governmental organization having the twin objectives of:

  1. Personality Development through Self-Evaluation.
  2. Helping the needy, less privileged brethren of our society, by providing them with the basic services without any discrimination of religion, caste and creed.To achieve the above objectives we organize the Following:
    1. Mind Elevation Programmes.
    2. Public seminars, workshops, discourses and other programmes for Self-Development, Growth and Self- Transformation.
    3. Providing FREE basic medical, educational facilities and all types of counseling services.
    4. Camps for blood donation, vaccination and diagnostic investigations, etc.
    5. Upliftment and life transformation activities (Jail inmates and other such persons, institutions).
In a short span of five years has come a long way in promoting the doctrine of "The Universal Truth", which stands for equal value to every human, irrespective of caste, creed, color or gender.


About the Logo of The living treasure

Two Leaves shown in the logo of the living treasure Depict two extreme states of one's mind. One leaf is shown as totally dry with only skeleton left, depicting a dry state of mind, whereas the other leaf is fully green and full of life.

Now, the dry state of mind means a mind without love, care,hospitality, concern and simplicity. A person possessing dominating, adamant attitudes is always depressed, confused and destructive in habits.
So this kind of personality is of no use to the society, except the hope that transformation is possible with proper nurturing and care.One thing is very clear that this dry-looking leaf was not born dry, rather it was fresh looking, fully green, very pleasing, attractive and full of life at the time of birth. But with the passage of time, onslaughts of surroundings and environment it shed off from the tree which had to take care of its well-being in every way, irrespective of whether the leaf is thankful or thankless, agreeing or disagreeing, surrendering or not before the supremacy of the tree.

But now once broken from the secured system, the leaf is sucked out of its beauty, charm, freshness and life And in a matter of time it loses its identity forever and gets accumulated with the dust and dirt of the ground. And once broken-off there is no way it could be rejoined with the Creator - the tree.
But, fortunately for the human mind, there is a hope, there is a chance, a reunion is possible, a transformation is possible, if one decides to shed off one's heavy weight of egoism, dominating attitudes, anger, etc. And surrendering before the master of this universe i.e. the system under which this universe is working for millions of years and will continue in the same way.


One has to activate one's thought process perfectly in unison with this system by constantly working with the laws of nature which always surround us. So, a life full of youth, full of beauty, full of the freshness and full of freedom is possible, if we decide to work with The Truth, whichAs a workshop is doing and turning life into a well blossomed GREEN LEAF.