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Seminar on 26th Jan,16 - SAMAJ - New Social Order

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Topic: Seminar on 26th Jan,16 - SAMAJ - New Social Order
Posted By: Narinder
Subject: Seminar on 26th Jan,16 - SAMAJ - New Social Order
Date Posted: 27January2016 at 5:05am

On 26th Jan. 2016, Living Treasure organized the Seminar “SAMAJ - A New Social Order” at Mavalankar Auditorium, Delhi. Veer Bhupinder Singh ji started the Seminar and read shabads – (i) “Sab Kichh Jeevat Ko Bivhar…..”  (ii) “Dharan Suvani Khar Rattan Jadavi Har Prem……”; and “So Dar Kaise Chhodiye……” All the three Shabads had a sequence of the ideology of the whole Seminar.


Veerji started with the words that we all (called as social animals) make our own “SAMAJ” and live in it. “SAMAJ”  is needed to live for a cause; to share our feelings; to express ourselves and so many other things etc. etc.. But now we ourselves are not happy while living in the same “SAMAJ” which is created by ourselves. Through gems of Gurbani Veerji tells how we make this “SAMAJ”, a loving dwelling place and inadvertently converted it into a kind of hell. With the help of last Shabad sung by him, Veerji told about solutions how to make our “SAMAJ”  a happy place again. All the seminar centered at 3 stages – (i) “SAMAJ” we created ourselves to live in it happily; (ii) “SAMAJ” we ourselves spoiled it and not happy to live in it; and (iii) “SAMAJ” we should re-make it as a blessed place to live in…


But How… How to set this ruined “SAMAJ” right. And how to bring the change..


“We all are part of this “SAMAJ” and all caste, colour, region and religion of people make this “SAMAJ”. We have modern gadgets to use and enjoy the life. Still happiness is faded in respect of all aspects.  Do anyone ever give a thought –“What is my role towards making a “SAMAJ”. Am I responsible for making it Good or Bad. Veerji opines that young generation can do a lot towards leading something good or bad. And today’s young people are aware about good and bad and they aspire for bringing a change…Good Change in “SAMAJ” which has been ruined by ourselves. And we blame God for it, though God has no role in it. All rituals are made by man and not by God. Thus, “SAMAJ”  is created by man only.


He explained the following few positive views of  a Good “SAMAJ”-


1.   Change of means of transportation to uplift/ease the life style

2.   So many inventions to excel in life;

3.   Law and order for safe  and secured life;

4.   Education for all

5.   Clothes and food for all

6.   Medicines for all diseases

7.   Democracy

8.   Marriage Act to protect women

9.   Vanishing rituals viz. Sati-Pratha and so many other points…. I could grab the only few… He told that as per the  needs and expanding requires of human life, our “SAMAJ”  is created and managed.


Veerji further pointed out  how “SAMAJ” started to have negativity :


1.   So many suicides in Society; As per recent data, suicide rate is more than normal death rate;

2.   Children are keeping distance from parents, they like privacy;

3.   More abuses and harassment to women – increase in rapes etc.

4.   Mushrooming Old Houses

5.   Poor becoming more pore and Rich more richer..

6.   Show off is on increase….  extravagant  weddings and functions

7.   Court case also increasing;

8.   Religions teaching hatred towards other religions;

9.   Tolerance level is going down…

10.                Politics in religious places – Misuse of money

11.                Why more wine shops and brothels

12.                Why no shelter to poor/beggers

13.                Envy against each other


Veerji humbly tries to imbibe the knowledge of our revered Gurus in us that why human being is following the corrupt set up created by few ones for their own benefits. Why our conscience does not allow us to stand up and stop the wrongdoings. The main notion of this Seminar was that everyone is sad and depressed to see this cruelty in “SAMAJ”  but no one come forward to change it. All are envied towards others to get the best…  He shared few examples viz. how we boycott the person who does wrong. Rather we should try to improve that person. He may need appropriate guidance to walk on the path of truth which he may not have obtained yet.


Female Foeticide is another major problem and virus  of “SAMAJ”  today. We all should come forward to stop this. Though this is called new era…Modern World, still women suffer and she is denied her rights. She is forced to stay back with her husband who continuously tortures her. Her parents are like mute spectators….they do not bring her back out of fear of this “SAMAJ”. 


He threw few questions to public viz. why parents are blamed when a child does wrong doing; why a woman has to stay with husband who tortures her; why parents put pressure on children to pursue higher studies; why distance between parents and children is increased; and why so much flaunt on jewelry and cloths??????


Veerji again continued…why “SAMAJ”   is culprit for all this situation. Because of selfishness, attachment towards materialism, arrogance, anger, hatred towards others, distress, Trishna. He quoted the lines of Guru Nanak that he used to say the uplift the “SAMAJ” , you will be uplifted automatically. But here people are selfish and they think otherwise. For this one has to awaken his conscience. We all do what the majority does. And this attitude has made us more weak….which has led to a weak “SAMAJ”/ ill samaj.


Veerji appealed to all to analyze their self and find a solution to save this “SAMAJ”  before it is dead completely. One has to live in spirituality. Do not lose empathy.  Live a harmonious life. Uplift yourself. Keep away the fear out of mind. When you will start seeing God in others, you will stop discrimination. Discrimination of all kinds will come to an end. He again appeals to become humble and never hurt others. Don’t abuse others and never let them down. One thing to be remembered always that God never punishes any one, and we too have no authority to punish at our own level. He told to become RESPONSIBLE. Be JUDICIOUS in spending time. Time is very precious and spend it by taking the true knowledge of Guru. Hear others too. Try to forgive others if they have done wrong. Follow the formula of SIMPLE LIVING AND HIGH THINKING. Leave criticizing others. Control your desires and never dominate others.


Re-organize yourself and that is real worship to God. Strengthen yourself with WISDOME. And see, the “SAMAJ”  is again a happy dwelling place to live in.


A wonderful Seminar I ever attended. Lots of slide work,  team work, the aura of auditorium…….initially Veerji started from this place only, as my husband told.


A small clip of video shown during the Seminar  about LT activities was amazing and  heart warming. Such clips inspire our youngsters to do something for nation and for “SAMAJ”  we live in.


No words or expressions of thanks can suffice on the noble cause Veerji is heading…..


He has got blessings of all.



Posted By: sunnyjs
Date Posted: 27January2016 at 10:29am
Thankyou so much Narinder Ji for posting the synopsis of the seminar as you always do......yours too is a great contribution in spreading veer ji's message.....your hardwork in compiling the same is highly appreciated.....
I would like to share it on facebook too if you permit me to do so.....thanks a lot
Waheguru ji Ka Khalsa
Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

Posted By: Jujhar
Date Posted: 27January2016 at 11:53pm
Thanks alot for your kind sharing ji...its always so enlightening 

�.���`�."Life is ten percent what you make it and ninety percent how you take it"�.���`�.�
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Posted By: RajinderSinghOberoi2
Date Posted: 28January2016 at 7:29am
Thanks to Narinder ji for such a treasure. Very good and keep it up. To all L.T. members Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh.

Posted By: RajinderSinghOberoi2
Date Posted: 13August2016 at 8:24am
Dear L.T. Members Waheguru Ji Ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki Fateh. Seminar on Jeevan Manorath on 15th Aug 2016 is very near. All should participate in it.
Jeevan manorath ki hai ? Asi kiyon is sansar vich aaye han? Sanu kuch samaj nahi aa rahi? Ki kha pee ke pashuan vang hi asi is jeevan cho chale janvage? Sanu kuch samaj nahi pe rahi? Bahut sare question sade dimag vich har time ande rehnde ne.
Jeevan - jis vich jaan hai jo jinda hai. Jis vich harkat hai. Eh sada sharirak jeevan hai. Ik hai sharirak aur dusra hai Antrik andar da man da jeevan. Sharirak jeevan vaste sadiyan Sharir diyan Loran hun. Is sharir nu bhukh, garmi sardi to bachana. Roti kapra makan sadi mukh jarorat ne.
Aatmik jeevan vaste sanu sade ander di Khushi, Khera, manavta, daya, Change kam karne,mtha bolna, eh bahut vadi list hai. Aatmik jeevan vaste sanu pehle sharirak jeevan vi chahida hai nahin tan Aatmik jeevan nahi mil sakda. Jado sade vichar mari soch, ghatia, chhithe pena,deeman thoughts vale hon ge tan sanu Aatmik jeevan nahi mil sakda
Asi sochna hai sade jeevan da ki manorath hai. Sanu manukha janam miliya. Asi ki kar sakde han. Sanu apni sharirak aur mansik takat nu vadana hai. Eh manukh je tu Shaktishali hain tan Kamjor manukh di rakhia kar. Je dhanwan hai tan jehre garib reh gaye hun una da sahara ban. Je tu aatmik jeevan vich shakti shali hai tan dusriyan de aatmik jeevan nu vi ucha kar. Je kar gian hasal kar liya hai tan agianta de hanere nu door kar. Bharam Jaal vich fase hoyan nu Guru ji da sahi rah dus. Gian hasal kar ke agar us nu vandiya nahi tan eh Khote de sir te ladiya hoya bhar ho jayega, par par gadi ladiye ho jayega. Tu kado shuru karenga? Grave yard vicho tan koi bol nahi sakda. Tu hun hi koshish kar. Gurbani sanu kehndi hai tu Rub nu yaad kar tan ki rub de change change guna nu tu apni jindgi vich dhal sake. Satgur ki bani sat saroop hai gurbani baniye. Rub sub da bhala kare. Asi Ardas vich Sarbat da bhala mangde han.
Narinder veer ji tusi har vaar di tarah is vaar vi Veer Bhupider Singh Ji de vichar jo Seminar vich hon ge jaroor likhna. Sariyan nu Fateh, Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji ki fateh. 

Posted By: sunnyjs
Date Posted: 17August2016 at 11:13am
Thats a great introduction about the seminar........!!!

Posted By: sunnyjs
Date Posted: 17August2016 at 11:14am
Looking fwd to the full description of the seminar as usually posted by Narinder ji.....
Waheguru ji ka khalsa
Waheguru ji ki Fateh

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